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Few weeks ago, Dexa scan proposed me to try their machine. Why ? To know some useful information about my body, like bone density, fat and muscle measurements. I was very interested in these datas, as I just did 3 months of intensive yoga.

dexa scan

What is Dexa scan ?

The machine is scanning the whole body few times with 2 types of rays. Then it can estimate the total weight (which was higher than what I thought unfortunately), and measure the body composition. It only takes few minutes and we can have the results immediately ! Then, the pratician can explain us these results.

Why doing a Dexa scan ?

It actually depends on your goals. Most of the time, people are using dexa scan in order to lose weight and to know exactly what to work on. It can helps as well to prevent fractures after studying the bone density. It can be useful as well if you want to know your body composition to improve your gym performances and lose fat density to gain muscle density.

My experience

I did my scan in a clinic in Brisbane. They obviously didn’t want to have me as a patient, as they were more into helping people to lose weight. They didn’t really care about the interest to know the fat/muscle density in order to improve the way to practise sports.

I had a super quick explanations of the results, so now I’m honnestly struggling to read them properly. If you wanna do a scan in Queensland, don’t hesitate to PM me and I can recommend you another clinic 😉

My results

So this is what I did learn about my own body composition.

The bone density of my lower spine is a bit too low. I’ll have to be careful in the future !

I’ve got 14 kilos of fat density, for a total weight of 55 kilos. So it’s 25% of fat mass, whivh is good according to the recommandations. Without any surprise, the fat excess is located on my hips !


If you wanna know more, do not hesitate to visit their website 🙂

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