My opinion about LABRAINS products

For several months, I tested the products of the LABRAINS brand. This is for me the minimum before giving you a complete review.
I received a set of 5 products, but I had other products to finish before. Being in an eco-responsible way, I always want to finish the products I started before opening others.

I now have enough distance to give you my opinion on the LABRAINS brand and my impressions on the tested products.

More about LABRAINS brand

To be honest, I didn’t know the LABRAINS brand at all. It is an eco-friendly cosmetics brand, which pays attention to the quality of its products as well as to the environment. The brand is located in Latvia, Latvia.

In addition to skincare products that are suitable for every skin type, LABRAINS has worked to develop special formulas for skin that has acne, eczema, or very specific problems.

The composition of the products is studied to boost the natural functions of the skin.

A brand that respects the environment

LABRAINS’ philosophy is to respect the world around us and all living beings.
This is why the ingredients used by the brand are all of natural origin. Many plants that grow in the Nordic countries are used.
The components are all chosen for their environmentally friendly extraction. To respect their effectiveness, the packaging has the Airless technology that ensures a better conservation without adding chemicals.

The big plus for me: once a product has been purchased, it can be filled with a refill. This way, the same bottle can be reused, which considerably limits the amount of waste. It’s also a way for the LABRAINS brand to reduce its carbon footprint.

My skin care routine with LABRAINS: my opinion

Here are the different products I discovered.

The CLEANsea face wash

I’ll start right away with my favorite product, the mud cleansing gel. I loved using it and most of all, I find it very effective on my skin. It is suitable for all skin types.

Both moisturizing and detoxifying, it gently cleanses the face. Very gentle, I also use it on the eye area by massaging gently. It is particularly effective in removing all traces of pollution and dead cells. It fights against the premature ageing of the skin and restores its radiance.
The texture is very pleasant. It is a product that I use either in complete routine, or that I place in the shower the days when I am more in a hurry.

In addition, its composition is 100% natural, and it is vegan. I have tested many cleansing products, and among the gels this one is now one of my favorites.

The CLEANsea peeling mask

In the same line, I received the peeling mask, which is both exfoliating and moisturizing. I really like the 2-in-1 products and use it once a week when I have time for a full routine. This peel mask is also suitable for all skin types.

The tube is very convenient, I love it! It allows you to take out only the amount of product you need. Its texture is fluid and very pleasant to apply on the skin.

It can be used on dry or wet skin, but for my part I prefer to use it on dry skin. It is applied by light circular movements. Once the texture has dried, simply rinse your face with circular movements with your fingers.This mask removes impurities and dead cells as well as any last traces of product or pollution.

It is its composition in AHAs that makes it so effective on me, this ingredient is always magical for my skin. It contains 99% natural ingredients.

The REDress serum

This serum, as the name suggests, is ideal for acne-prone and blemish-prone skin. It contains 99% of natural ingredients and is therefore skin-friendly.

The texture is fluid and penetrates quickly. I use it before my cream and after cleansing my skin. Its formula is designed to revitalize the skin while reducing imperfections. It also has anti-aging benefits.

This serum balances the skin’s microbiota to help it naturally beautify, like a boost in short. It reduces skin inflammation and prevents the shiny effect of oily skin.


Last but not least, the Resistage face cream fights against premature skin aging. It is suitable for skin showing the first signs of ageing as well as for more mature skin.

In addition to protecting the skin and its microbiota, it fights against oxidative stress. Thus, deep wrinkles are reduced. I use it in the morning, just after applying the serum.

This cream is vegan and contains 99% of natural ingredients.

Labrights BB cream

I try to use as little makeup as possible on my skin. The LABRAINS BB cream worked well for me on days when I had a few minor blemishes. (I’ve since gotten a tan and am waiting a bit before putting it on again).

It’s non-comedogenic, offers sun protection and an anti-aging effect. So it’s almost an all-in-one product. It is suitable for sensitive skin since it contains natural ingredients that are skin-friendly.

In addition, it contains probiotics to respect the microbial flora of the skin.
What I like? This BB cream protects against blue light from screens, to which I am exposed for many hours every day.

It is vegan and contains 99% of natural ingredients.

My opinion on the brand LABRAINS: in conclusion

I am absolutely delighted by the discovery of this brand. It is a very good surprise. You can find their youtube channel here.

For a long time, I have been using only the most natural products possible, but I like to change so that I don’t get my skin used to receiving the same treatments all the time.

So it is with confidence that I recommend the products I tested above.

Laser mole removal – My experience

Laser mole removal

One year ago, I decided to remove a mole thanks to the laser. Indeed, I had a physical complex about that, especially one in my neck which was big and bulky. I used to never tied my hair because of that.

As it was a benign mole, I could remove it thanks to the laser, and do 4 others in the same time. (I would have a huge scar if I decided to do it with a surgery knife)

I’ve been in a Parisian clinic for my first appointment, and was quite happy to be able to proceed to the removal the same day !

It’s done under a local aenesthetic. Each mole is anesthetized. It’s not painful at all, but the feeling of the needle in the mole is quite strange and I didn’t feel comfortable with that.

Then, I had to wear glasses to protect my eyes from the laser light. Its was absolutely painless. However, I could smell my skin burning and that’s a weird feeling as well. But I was so hapy to finally get rid of this complex !

The small ones were pretty quick to remove !

enlever un grain de beauté au laser


One year later

One year after the laser mole removal, I can notice these results :

– The one in my neck just let a small red mark, barely noticeable

– A mole in my back didn’t let any scar !

– The one under my armpit let a very small and pinky scar, without any relief.

– However, the two others have a bad healing. One is between my chest got a pink scar with relief (even if the mole wasn’t in relief), and another one on my breast got a big scar. The creams didn’t help at all, and now I have these stains with relief. Another mole is actually growing up on it now.


To conclude, my advice would be to really think about it before taking the step. You never know how your skin is gonna cicatrize. It depends on a lot of factors that you can’t control.

I paid 500 € for the laser mole removal and about 20€ in healing cream.


Edit : 4 years later

The scars are now completely faded, I have no regrets at all !